Welcome to the California Fire Safe Council

Mobilizing Californians to protect their homes, communities and environment from wildfires

California Fire Safe Council Mission Statement

Since its formation in 1993, California Fire Safe Council (CFSC) has united Californians to speak with one voice about fire safety.

CFSC, a statewide non-profit organization, provides grants to local Fire Safe Councils and other community organizations using its innovative Grants Clearinghouse. Since its first year of grant making in 2004, over $81 million in federal fire prevention funds have flowed through the Clearinghouse to groups working to keep their communities safer from wildfire.

CFSC provides technical assistance to local groups with similar missions assisting them in wildfire education outreach as well as organizational issues related to capacity building and sustainability. Workshops and one day conferences are offered throughout the state on those topics several times each year.

Though this website, CFSC provides daily information and  updates on topics relevant to its constituents. CFSC also provides information through email distribution to keep you informed about events, grant opportunities, legislation and news happening around the state. Sign up for the E-Newsletter today to stay informed!

Together, people and communities have eliminated the impact of catastrophic wildfires on all they hold dear.

California Fire Safe Council Vision Statement