Board of Directors

The California Fire Safe Council’s Board of Directors is composed of volunteers who have a strong background in wildfire prevention, suppression and understand the unique concerns of the wildland urban interface.   They are recruited by members of the Board’s Nominating Committee from  candidates who are suggested to them by other Board Members, local fire safe councils, and those who express a personal interest.  There is a rigorous selection process and potential candidates are considered on an annual basis each January.  Currently our Board of Directors consists of fourteen members, including founding member, Bruce Turbeville.


Our current Board of Directors includes persons who have retired from federal, state or county agencies, organizations concerned with protecting our state’s forest, educators, insurance and utility companies, and local fire safe councils or other nonprofit organizations providing service.  As an example, our current Chairman of the Board, Jerry Davies, has an extensive insurance industry background and has served in key roles dealing with fire and disaster prevention as well as recovery operations; our Vice Chair, J Lopez is an Assistant Chief of Forestry with L.A. County Fire Department; the Treasurer is David Horne, a Business and Marketing Professor at Cal State Long Beach; and our Secretary is Troy Whitman, who works for Edison and responds on behalf of that organization to many of the local fires.


Our Board also includes three individuals who represent the three CFSC Regions –Central CA’s representative is Pat Frost, recently retired from Trinity County RCD and now a College Instructor; Northern CA’s is Frank Stewart, recently retired as a Registered Professional Forester; and Southern CA’s is David Horne, who also serves as our Treasurer.  These individuals, while concerned with the entire state are focused on those particular areas of the state and the local fire safe councils within those Regions.


The CFSC Board of Directors meets quarterly and tries to move the Board Meetings to different parts of California so that they have an opportunity to meet with local grantees and fire safe councils.  Each Board Meeting starts with a public session in which local fire safe councils are invited to attend.  There is always at least 30 minutes for representatives of those organizations and others involved in our mission to speak for 5 minutes asking questions, stating concerns and noting their organizations successes.


The primary role of the CFSC Board of Directors is similar to any nonprofit organization.  They focus on planning, monitoring our financial situation, making sure that we are meeting our legal responsibilities as a nonprofit, organizational growth and development and that all important duty, making sure we have enough funds to provide grants to those organizations who provide needed services related to wildfire prevention.