Starting a Fire Safe Council

Starting a Council: Membership Recruitment

Your first step is to recruit members. First, identify the potential public and private partners in your community who are at risk of loss from wildfire. Here are some examples of potential members:

  • The Fire Department can provide advice and expertise on fire safety.
  • Utilities, such as the water district or the electric company, have a vested interest in fire safety because their services may be disrupted when a fire occurs. The electric company is especially concerned about trees growing into power lines and starting fires.
  • Environmental groups are especially concerned about habitat loss for endangered species when fires occur, as well as a number of other fire-related issues.
  • Insurance Industry Representatives are interested in insuring and continuing to insure communities that have taken fire safety measures.
  • Landscapers can provide information on fire safe landscaping and help educate homeowners about choosing more fire-resistant plants.
  • Real Estate Agents are the first people homeowners meet when they are moving into the neighborhood. Real estate agents may educate homeowners about potential fire danger and provide information on how homeowners can protect themselves.
  • The Parks and Recreation Department seeks to protect natural areas from damaging wildfire and may educate the community about fire’s role in the ecosystem.
  • Local Political Leaders can mobilize the community to become fire safe and represent community fire safe concerns/initiatives in government.
  • Homeowner Associations have a vested interest in protecting their individual homes, as well as their neighborhoods, from wildfires.
  • Other Local Groups that have a vested interest in fire safety; this could and should be just about anyone who lives or works in the area.


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