Firewise Communities

California Fire Safe Council (CFSC) became the new State Liaison for the Firewise Communities Program in California in January 2012. As part of an agreement between the National Firewise Communities Program, CAL FIRE and CFSC, this new designation delegates CAL FIRE’s authority as State Firewise Liaison to the California Fire Safe Council.  The agreement is memorialized in a Memorandum of Understanding between CFSC and CAL FIRE.

The designation of California Fire Safe Council, a private nongovernmental 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, as State Liaison is unique within the national Firewise Program. Typically the role of State Liaison is designated to the State Forester, as was the case in California when CAL FIRE served as State Liaison. But California Fire Safe Council and CAL FIRE saw an opportunity to expand the reach of the Firewise Communities Program in California through California Fire Safe Council’s strong presence throughout the state.

As part of our duties as State Liaison, California Fire Safe Council will continue to promote the Firewise Program to communities and local Fire Safe Councils across the state, encouraging leaders to pursue Firewise recognition.  We will also approve applications through coordination with state, federal and local fire officials. CAL FIRE will continue to work with communities and assist with the assessments in the State Responsibility Areas throughout California.

For more information about the Firewise Communities Program in California, contact California Fire Safe Council at Also check out the Firewise website for program details and resources.