New Funding Opportunity – HMGP Notice of Interest Posted for DR-4353: Deadline 3/15/18

Dear State Agencies, Local Communities and Governments, Private Nonprofit Organizations, and Federally Recognized Tribes:


The California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services (Cal OES) has a new funding opportunity available through the Hazard Mitigation Grant Program (HMGP) as a result of a presidentially declared disaster for the December 2017 California Wildfires (DR-4353).  HMGP can fund eligible project and planning activities for eligible subapplicants in accordance with FEMA’s Hazard Mitigation Assistance (HMA) Guidance.


We invite you to submit an Notice of Interest (NOI) for eligible Hazard Mitigation Project and Planning activities by March 15, 2018.  The NOI can be submitted electronically via Cal OES’s HMGP web page here.  The instructions for completing the NOI are available here.


Eligibility Requirements include:

  • Must be an eligible subapplicant: State Agency, Local Government (City, County, Special Districts), Federally Recognized Tribes, and Private Nonprofit Organizations
  • Subapplicants MUST have a FEMA approved and adopted Local Hazard Mitigation Plan to be eligible for project funding
  • 75% Federal cost share/25% Local cost share (State does not contribute to local cost share)
  • Projects are limited to a maximum of $3 Million Federal share requested (subject to change)
  • Projects must be completed (including close-out) within a 36 month performance period
  • NO CONSTRUCTION prior to FEMA approval (HMGP does not fund projects that are in progress or projects that have already been completed)


FEMA’s list of eligible HMGP activities are as follows:


Eligible Activities HMGP
1. Mitigation Projects ü
Property Acquisition and Structure Demolition ü
Property Acquisition and Structure Relocation ü
Structure Elevation ü
Mitigation Reconstruction ü
Dry Floodproofing of Historic Residential Structures ü
Dry Floodproofing of Non-residential Structures ü
Generators ü
Localized Flood Risk Reduction Projects ü
Non-localized Flood Risk Reduction Projects ü
Structural Retrofitting of Existing Buildings ü
Non-structural Retrofitting of Existing Buildings and Facilities ü
Safe Room Construction ü
Wind Retrofit for One- and Two-Family Residences ü
Infrastructure Retrofit ü
Soil Stabilization ü
Wildfire Mitigation ü
Post-Disaster Code Enforcement ü
5 Percent Initiative Projects ü
Miscellaneous/Other(1) ü
2. Hazard Mitigation Planning ü
Planning Related Activities ü


Cal OES will review NOI’s for subapplicant’s activity eligibility, and will notify subapplicants regarding eligibility by Monday, April 2, 2018.  Subapplicants who receive notification of an eligible NOI will be invited to a 2-day subapplication development workshop that will include detailed program information, guidance and information about FEMA’s Benefit Cost Analysis tool.  Full subapplications will be due to Cal OES by September 1, 2018.


Please send all questions to the Hazard Mitigation Grant Program email box at:


Best regards,


Hazard Mitigation Grant Program