“Ore-Cal’s mission is to increase the vitality of our natural resource-based communities.”


Ore-Cal Resource Conservation & Development Area Council

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“Ore-Cal’s mission is to increase the vitality of our natural resource-based communities.”

October 1, 2013

To the Members of Resource Conservation Districts and Fire Safe Councils:

On October 15-16, 2013,the communities of Northern California and Southern Central Oregon will have a unique opportunity to learn about and work together on strategies in defending our homes and properties from catastrophic wildfire.  The Wildland Urban Interface Conference: “Wildfire Safe, Sound & Code Smart,” is being held in McCloud, CA at the historic McCloud River Mercantile Hotel.  This conference is being hosted by the Ore-Cal Resource Conservation & Development Area Council with the partnership and support of the Shasta Valley Resource Conservation District, The National Resource Conservation & Development Councils, the International Code Council and the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

Why Your Attendance is Crucial:  RCDs and Fire Safe Councils have a unique perspective on the issue of wildfire.  You are the groups and organizations that are working directly with landowners and communities to protect life, limb and property from wildfire.  You are passionate about protecting natural resources and rural communities.  You understand both the risks and rewards of living “up close and personal” with their natural surroundings.  You have credibility with local communities and a great record of proactive resource management.  You understand that the protections put in place today, will ensure the safety of their communities and preserve our natural resources in the future.

“Wildfire Safe, Sound & Code Smart” seeks to improve a community’s ability to combat wildland fire through development of fire prevention and building codes that better fit the changing nature of human habitation along the margins of the forest.  The loss of life and destruction of property and precious natural resources in 2013 alone, provide a poignant backdrop for this discussion.

How Can We Help?  We recognize that a great number of those wishing to attend the conference are volunteers and that the registration cost ($20.00) and travel expenses may be a barrier.  While resources do not allow us to fully fund participation; we can offer scholarship assistance on a first-come-first requested basis.  We encourage room- and ride-sharing as this will enable us to extend funding assistance to a greater number of people.  Meals (Day 1, Lunch & Dinner and Day 2, Continental Breakfast & Lunch) are provided as part of the registration fee.

Our website, www.orecalrcd.org, has downloadable conference information including conference registration and scholarship request forms and lodging/RV Park information.  The conference agenda will be posted to the website on Friday, October 4, 2013.  We encourage your timely submission of your registration and/or application to orecal@cot.net.

We look forward to seeing you in beautiful McCloud and want to take this opportunity THANK YOU for the work you do to protect our lives, property, and surroundings!

With Warmest  Regards,

The Board of Directors of Ore-Cal RC&D